AirAsia to change name of klia2 to LCCT2 on website


SEPANG: AirAsia is set to change the name klia2 to LCCT2 (Low-Cost Carrier Terminal 2) on its website and promotional materials, says AirAsia Bhd CEO, Aireen Omar.

At a press conference, Aireen explained this was part of the campaign – announced by AirAsia group CEO Tony Fernandes last week – to promote klia2 as LCCT2.

Elaborating further, Aireen said it was undeniable that klia2 was a low cost carrier terminal, noting that AirAsia accounted for 98% of flights there and that even passengers recognised it as such.

She said the name change would happen soon and possibly “last forever.”

Aireen said the move would also send a clear message to MAHB that they should stop denying the existence of AirAsia and its contributions to the growth of the aviation industry.

“We have tried so hard to work together to resolve our issues with MAHB and it hasn’t seemed to work.

“It is so hard to have meetings with them, so hard to resolve things.”

When asked if the change of name would cause confusion among passengers and taxi drivers, Aireen said she believed it would not.

When asked if AirAsia would be willing to foot the bill to rebrand kila2 to LCCT2, Aireen said the group was prepared to do so although she believed MAHB would not agree to it.

Following Fernandes’s announcement, MAHB stressed last week that klia2 was not a low-cost carrier terminal. The company also explained klia2 was the officially registered name of the terminal under the International Air Transport Association.

MAHB said calling it by any other name would only serve to mislead and confuse the public and passengers.