Backer wants to sue LGE’s officer over ‘sandiwara’ remark

Abu Backer Sidek Mohammad

GEORGE TOWN: Former Bukit Gelugor by-election candidate Abu Backer Sidek Mohammad Zan has threatened to take legal action over an allegedly defamatory statement made against him.

His focus is Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s Special Officer Marziah Mohd Mukhtar.

Backer said Marziah had insulted him in a statement today and demanded an apology from her in 24 hours.

Backer said if there was no response from Marziah, he would take legal action.

Backer said Marziah’s offending statement, among others, was about him going to the Kampung Baru Mosque “just to meet Lim”.

“I did not disturb Lim’s breaking-of-fast function. I had only gone to the mosque to hand over my contribution to the village folk there.

“I had only bumped into (terserempak) Marziah at the mosque compound and so I decided to hand her the letter of intent and cheque for Lim’s bungalow,” Backer said in a press statement today.

Last night, Backer handed Marziah a cheque for RM56,000 as a 2% downpayment for Lim’s RM2.8 million bungalow in Pinhorn Road. A letter of intent to purchase the bungalow at that price, from his lawyers, was also attached.

Today, Marziah claimed she was “tricked” by Backer into receiving the documents. She said she had assumed that it was related to administrative matters of the Penang Government.

She also called on Backer to stop his “sandiwara” (drama or pretence).

Backer said Marziah had painted a bad picture of him.

“She (Marziah) accused me of ‘bersandiwara’ and accused me of throwing myself in front of Lim’s car, which is not true at all.

“Her statement has insulted me and embarrassed me and caused the community at large to look down on me.

“Because of this, I want her to say sorry to me openly in 24 hours. If she fails to do so, I will initiate legal action against her,” Backer said.

Meanwhile, Backer added that he would issue a cheque to Lim for payment in full for his Pinhorn Road bungalow this Thursday.

“I really want to buy his bungalow because it is cheap and I am a regular citizen … no problem for me to buy it below market price.

“Lim, on the other hand, cannot buy (below market value) and hence it is an offence under Section 165 of the Penal Code for him to buy it below market value.

“I will send him another cheque, through my lawyers, as full payment for his house,” Backer said.

Lim’s purchase of the bungalow is being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency.

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