Rental of Masjid India City Hall trading sites not excessive


KUALA LUMPUR: Kuala Lumpur City Hall has never overcharged for renting trading sites in the Masjid India area, the Dewan Negara was told today.

Deputy Federal Territories Minister Senator Loga Bala Mohan said the rental did not exceed RM1,000.

“If there is evidence of overcharging, City Hall will take the appropriate action,” he said when replying to a question from Senator Syed Ibrahim Kader.

Syed Ibrahim had earlier claimed the rental for a site at the venue had reached RM10,000.

On trading licences for Ramadan bazaars, he said these were issued based on stipulated conditions.

He also said the e-Licence Registration System was used to detect duplicate applications and blacklist the applicants.

Meanwhile, when approached at Parliament lobby, Loga Bala said the ministry would blacklist successful applicants of Ramadan bazaar trading sites who sold the sites to others.

He said City Hall conducted enforcement operations at all Ramadan bazaars.