Batu Caves shootout: Was it over car repossession?

repossessed car

PETALING JAYA: Was the twin shootings in Batu Caves yesterday due to a case of car repossession?

Sources told the Star Online that the victims were both brothers and they were attacked for merely carrying out their duties as car repossessors.

The duo apparently went to a budget hotel in Batu Caves to repossess a car, but were confronted by two men who tried to stop them.

Despite the heated confrontation, the brothers drove off with the car.

The newspaper said the repossessed car was driven by the younger brother, 30, while the elder brother, 34, was driving his own vehicle.

The assailants managed to catch up with the brothers at the traffic lights in Jalan Besar, Sunway, Batu Caves.

One of the assailants then got out of their car, walked towards the elder brother’s car, fired a shot upon opening the car door, and subsequently did the same to the younger brother.

The elder brother sustained a shot in the head while the younger brother was shot in the ear and face.

The gunman escaped in another car parked by the roadside using the MRR2 highway.

The wounded siblings sought help at a petrol station nearby and were admitted to the Selayang Hospital.