MACC Chief: No pressure to resign


PUTRAJAYA: Outgoing chief commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Abu Kassim Mohamed today said he was not being pressured to resign from his post and stressed he was stepping down of his own volition.

He revealed this at a press conference at the MACC headquarters here, while also announcing that his Deputy Chief of Operations Mohd Shukri Abdull would also be stepping down on Oct 3 as he had reached the mandatory age of retirement.

“I have said many times before that I will never quit due to pressure from anyone,” he said when asked if he was under pressure to resign.

He also denied claims by certain quarters that he was stepping-down for health reasons.

“This is clear. My request to resign is based on my own will,” he said, adding this was the third time he had requested to resign in his six-year tenure.

He also said the time was right as he had the opportunity to serve as a visiting expert at the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Austria.

Labelling it as a golden opportunity to help contribute on an international level, Abu Kassim said such a role would benefit him and the country.

“My appointment as a visiting expert is a recognition of the MACC and Malaysia as my role there will be crucial to the further development of the institution and its programmes.”

Abu Kassim also said he would continue to contribute his experience and expertise as a consultant at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

He went on to note that he was satisfied with the length of his tenure as it had allowed him to bring change and transform the anti-graft body, a move that had gained the MACC international recognition.

Abu Kassim also said he was satisfied with all investigations conducted during his tenure and thanked the King and government for their trust in allowing him to lead the commission for six years, when the average tenure for MACC chiefs was three to four years.

On Shukri’s retirement, Abu Kassim said the former would undergo a course from the end of this month till his retirement, as was the standard practice for all retiring civil servants.

Abu Kassim was appointed as MACC Chief Commissioner on Jan 1, 2010.

Earlier today, it was reported that Abu Kassim would be stepping down on Aug 1.

He will continue to serve as an anti-corruption service officer until his mandatory retirement on Dec 6, 2020