For many M’sians, Ramadan is a time to give


PETALING JAYA: Hotels and restaurants are not the only places Malaysians spend money during Ramadan. Many like to give to charity homes during this period.

Adlin Yusman, CEO of online concierge service, BeMalas, which helps people carry out these good deeds and fulfill their other wishes, told FMT that his company had seen a surge in charity requests during Ramadan.

He said customers would hire BeMalas to buy food items and deliver them to charities chosen by the customers.

“During normal periods, we only get one or two such requests a week.

“But during Ramadan, we get at least 20 per week,” he said, adding this was the second Ramadan BeMalas had seen this trend since its inception last year.

Adlin said generous Malaysians would send raw food items, such as rice, oil and vegetables or ready-to-eat food, such as desserts.

He said 80% of the clients would request that the donations be made anonymously.

Others allowed their names to be known after informing the homes they would be sending something over.

Adlin said the beneficiaries during Ramadan were mostly Muslim children’s homes.

“Last year, most of the deliveries were to old folks homes.”

He said customers who donated raw food would send enough for meals for a few days.

“Our single biggest request this year was to send over RM500 worth of food to one home,” he said, adding it was done anonymously.

Adlin said he was not surprised with the generous nature of Malaysians.

“In the aftermath of the bad Kelantan floods last year, people were using our service to deliver food to the victims.

“One generous Malaysian donated RM30,000 worth of rice. We had to use a lorry to fulfil that request,” he said, adding charity requests were BeMalas’ favourite kind of requests to fulfil.