Kit Siang asks BN to stand up to mufti


PETALING JAYA: Opposition veteran Lim Kit Siang has questioned whether anyone in Barisan Nasional would stand up to what he called an incendiary and seditious remark by the mufti of Pahang.

He noted that so far not a single minister, nor the prime minister or his deputy, had demanded that the mufti, Abdul Rahman Osman, retract his statement that those who opposed Islam were “kafir harbi”.

The mufti’s comment as reported in an Utusan Malaysia interview had been seen to be aimed at the DAP as “kafir harbi” – unbelievers who could be slain – thus placing them at risk of religious-inspired violence.

Abdul Rahman’s remark had come when he urged former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad to dissociate himself from the DAP, which opposes a PAS proposal to widen the criminal jurisdiction of shariah courts to include Islamic criminal penalties, including hudud.

Yesterday, Abdul Rahman was reported to have told Sinar Harian that “kafir harbi” was not aimed at the DAP but at all who opposed Islam, and he had denied it was a political remark.

However, at a DAP ceramah in Johor Baru this morning, Lim said Abdul Rahman’s statement was in violation of BN’s policy and consensus, an a contemptuous disregard of Malaysian nation building and the Rukunegara.

He said the mufti’s statement showed that BN has ceased to be a coalition of equals. Instead, the Umno president could unilaterally and arbitrarily disregard coalition consensus and decide BN’s policy.

He urged BN to convene a meeting of its supreme council to declare a stand on the mufti’s statement. Lim claimed that the statement was tantamount to inciting open war against non-Muslims and Muslims for not supporting the PAS president’s bill in Parliament.


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