Back to owner: Rep who ‘returns’ rubbish

Eddie Ng Tien Chee

PETALING JAYA: When Balakong Assemblyman Eddie Ng Tien Chee says he has enough of someone’s rubbish, you can be assured he will do something about it.

The DAP representative’s proactive action against illegal dumping by “returning” the trash to the people behind it has won him praise from his constituents.

Sinar Harian recently reported that Ng tracked down an illegal dumping culprit, a factory in Kampung Baharu Balakong, and dumped the rubbish back in its compound.

Ng said he had received pictures from the public showing three factory workers loading up a lorry with scrap metal before dumping it by the roadside. The factory’s name could clearly be seen on the side of the lorry.

He then went with the Kajang Municipal Council (MPK) to the factory and they observed that the factory operator not only allowed its workers to dump the rubbish by the roadside, but also into a river next to the factory.

Ng and the council then picked up the rubbish the factory workers had illegally unloaded by the roadside and dumped it back in the factory compound.

This is the third time Ng has resorted to such drastic measures, after “returning” illegally dumped rubbish to illegal dumpers in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn and Taman Megah.

Ng told FMT that the culprits always claim that the council’s contractors do not pick up rubbish and therefore they had to resort to illegal dumping.

“I tell them that this is not the way. If there is an issue, they can call me or the council.

“To me, this is the only way to teach people who are stubborn,” he said, adding his constituents were fed up with illegal dumping in the area.

Ng said he had received many calls and text messages from his constituents, praising him over the move to “return” the rubbish to the owners.

“Some of them have even offered their manpower to help pick up and return the rubbish to those involved in illegal dumping.”