Mum horrified son was ready to send nude pictures on Net


PETALING JAYA: A young mother was horrified when she found out that her 10-year-old son had been asked to take pictures of his private parts on Facebook.

NST Online said the woman, aged 29, said a man befriended her son on Facebook Messenger and promised to give him a Sony PSP, a handheld game console, in exchange for the pictures.

She said she only came to know of this when her naive son asked her how to use the handphone camera, which had been faulty for some time.

“Only when I asked him what he needed the camera for, he told me of his conversation with the man on Facebook.

“I am thankful the camera failed to work.”

The mother from Nilai said the “saudara” (brother) had somehow managed to gain the boy’s trust.

She said she shared her experience on Facebook, posting the conversation between her son and the man, so that other parents would be careful with their children’s activites on social media sites.