Police shoot dead man suspected of shooting 2 brothers

Chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi

PETALING JAYA: The main suspect in last week’s attempted assassination of two brothers in Batu Caves was gunned down by police this afternoon.

Selangor Deputy Police Chief Deputy Commissioner Abdul Rahim Jaafar revealed that a call from a resident in USJ11/1D, Subang Jaya, led police to the suspect who, at the time, was sleeping in a stolen car.

“Our officers approached the car and showed him their identification cards. Instead of assisting the police, he pointed a Glock pistol at them.

“So they had no choice but to open fire at the man,” he told FMT when contacted, adding that three shots were fired by the officers in self defence.

He said police believed the man had gone into hiding after shooting the two brothers at a traffic light junction.
“We inspected his car and found clothes and food.

“He may have been living in his car, moving from one place to another to evade arrest.”

Speaking further, Abdul Rahim said the deceased was also wanted for 12 armed robberies in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

On top of that, he has five previous criminal records for drug-related offences and was also arrested under the Emergency Ordinance.

Last Tuesday, the siblings were shot point blank in an attack believed to be linked to gang rivalry.

The elder brother, 34, was shot in the head while the younger one, 30, was shot in the ear and cheek.

Both survived the shootings.