Keep your cool and stop the theatrics, Ti tells LGE


PETALING JAYA: Keep your cool and stop the political theatrics, MCA spokesman Ti Lian Ker has told beleaguered Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Today, the former assemblyman told Lim in a public statement to “keep his cool and take a stroll”, saying that Lim’s confidence in his innocence should then make him happy to be given a chance to clear his name and prove his innocence in court.

“By all means concentrate and focus on proving your innocence in court by producing the necessary evidence.

“You are lucky that unlike others who are poor, you are going to have the best legal services.

“There’s no need for any political theatrics at this point of time.”

Ti said that Lim, as a politician, ought to be prepared for public scrutiny given his position of power. He also told him not to make too much of the allegations that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and Attorney-General are political tools.

“There’s no need to trump up allegations of abuse of power, conspiracy or persecution.

“Investigations have been made and reports submitted to the Attorney-General, who has decided to charge him in court,” Ti said.

“After all, our courts are revisiting their glory years by making a few high-profile findings unfavourable to the ruling government, such as the recent Federal Court finding and award of damages to high-profile ex-ISA detainees from the Opposition front.

“The public is watching and the jury is out, well before the next general election.

“Prove your innocence and show your respect for the law and our legal system, of which you are a lawmaker.”

Lim had today reiterated his innocence over the corruption charges against him, describing this as political assassination of “the worst kind” by the ruling Barisan Nasional Federal Government.

Lim said the two corruption charges against him were an attempt to overthrow him as CM of “the best governed state government in the country”.

“BN can humiliate me by unnecessarily detaining me overnight, but it will not succeed in changing white to black and black to white. Right cannot become wrong and wrong cannot become right,” he told reporters after being charged in court.