Aussie entertainer makes hilarious Hari Raya music video


PETALING JAYA: Entertainer Tomás Ford of Perth, Australia has either got netizens and fans singing along and snapping their fingers or good-naturedly laughing out loud at his rendition of a Hari Raya song that he posted on his Facebook page.

In the 2:08-long video clip that he posted on June 27, Ford, with hair neatly slicked back, looking rather dapper wearing a pair of spectacles and dressed in a grey suit with a loosened tie, is seen in his kitchen telling fans that he has answered their many requests for a Hari Raya song.

Sung to the tune of the famous Black Eyed Peas number “I Gotta Feeling”, Ford unabashedly attempts to twist his tongue around some rather tricky Bahasa Melayu lyrics, failing miserably at most but endearing himself all the same for being game enough to even try.

“I’ve been slowly starting to learn Malay myself (to be honest, I am at the ‘numbers and colours’ stage of language learning but having so much fun) and making plans to make a new show to bring to you,” Ford says in his Facebook post, adding that he worked with Ze Rebelle on the song.

In the music video, Ford is seen hard at work in his kitchen, cutting up meat for rendang with a pot of rice boiling over the stove for ketupat as his cat lurks in the background.

“Esok nak raya. Tak sabar nak makan ketupat, (Tomorrow is Raya, and I can’t wait to eat ketupat),” Ford sings and if not for the supers, it’s a tough job making out just exactly what he’s saying in his thick Australian accent.

Gamely, he pushes on, throwing himself into the beat of the song as three friends join him in the kitchen. He sings: “Malam ini! Kita makan! Sampai pengsang! (Tonight, we eat till we faint!).

“Yeah, raya! Duit raya! Like, oh my god! Jump off that sofa. Yeah, Raya!,” he sings, lapsing into English as more guests pile into his home and start dancing.

“Nak raya! Nak raya! Nak raya! (Looking forward to Raya)” he sings heartily, as he and his friends sample the dinner he cooked.

“Isnin, Selasa, Rabu and Khamis, Jumaat, Sabtu dan Ahad. Makan ketupat. Kenyang makan ketupat. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Eating ketupat. I’m so full from eating ketupat.)

The video has been a sure hit with his fans, who amused at his antics have viewed it over 140,000 times. It has also garnered over 4,000 shares and received thousands of “likes” at the time of the writing of this article.

Ford has been described online as an unusual entertainer who has combined electro and cabaret elements in his performances.

LINK TO VIDEO: Esok nak raya