Khalid Samad: Surreptitious shifting of voters shameful

Khalid-SamadPUTRAJAYA: The moving of voters to different state and parliamentary constituencies without the knowledge of the voters concerned, and Parliament, proves the Barisan Nasional (BN) has not won the support of the people after all, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad says.

Speaking at a press conference outside the Election Commission (EC) headquarters here today, Khalid said the recent by-elections had made it seem as though the people supported the BN. BN leaders had claimed so, too.

“If they indeed have the support of the people then why would they have to resort to such a huge lie like this?

“This move is despicable, disgusting, and unprincipled and must be objected to by the people,” he said.

He claimed Prime Minister Najib Razak’s move to appoint new leaders in the EC, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and other government institutions was to clamp down on the people’s right to change the Government.

“The appointment of new leaders in these institutions and the moving of voters clearly shows that the prime minister realises the truth – which is that the people are not with the BN. I am confident that the people want change and reform.”

The press conference, led by Bersih, was held together with several other members of the Opposition along with civil society bodies. It was held in conjunction with the handing of a memorandum to the EC demanding that it explain the surreptitious movement of voters.

“If the EC does not give an answer to this, then our claim that the EC is being used for BN’s victory is true and accurate,” said Khalid.

Meanwhile, the PAS President’s special officer Kamaruzzaman Mohamad, who was present, said his party was with Bersih in opposing any action against the laws and the Constitution.

“The EC is supposed to improve the voting system in our country and not change the rules which will in effect weaken the nation’s democratic system.

“Therefore PAS demands that a transparent process be conducted and if this move did indeed occur then the politicians and the people who are customers of the EC should have been informed first.”