Kit Siang “congratulates” AG for charging Guan Eng


GEORGE TOWN: DAP Parliamentary Leader Lim Kit Siang has “congratulated” Attorney-General Apandi Ali for framing “incredible” charges against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

The party stalwart also described the charges against his son Guan Eng as historic.

“I would like to congratulate the Attorney-General, as he has framed probably the most ridiculous charge not only in the history of prosecution in Malaysia, but the world.

“Guan Eng is accused of converting, of approving conversion of an agricultural land to residential land.

“But until now, (the said land) is still (an) agricultural land. And this can become the subject of the prosecution in order to remove the CM. It is so ridiculous,” he told reporters at the Town Hall at Jalan Esplanade here yesterday.

Guan Eng pleaded not guilty to charges of abuse of power by using his position to purchase a bungalow below market value. He was also accused of changing the status of land use from agricultural land to benefit his former landlord’s company.

Guan Eng had said it was an “above-board, arm’s length” transaction without any favours in return.

Meanwhile, Kit Siang called the charges against Guan Eng “a vile attempt at persecuting the innocent, while the corrupt got away scot-free”.

“It appears that the powers that be do not want to bust graft, but allow graft to “bermaharajalela” (reign supreme) in this country.

“Go around the world, Malaysia’s corruption perception is more serious now, everybody knows about the donations and state fund scandals.

“We need a new “iltizam” (commitment) for all Malaysians to rise above race, religion and political parties to save Malaysia,” he added.

Chiming in, DAP Acting National Chairman Tan Kok Wai described the recent turn of events as the “darkest days” for democracy, justice and fairness in Malaysia.

Tan said the party had “not the slightest doubt” of Guan Eng’s integrity and called upon Malaysians to rally for justice.