Singaporean leaves job to look after strays in JB


PETALING JAYA: Singaporean S Loganathan had a well-paying job as a teacher in the republic.

All that changed five years ago when he left his job to rescue and look after strays in Johor, reported The Star.

He cites his wife, an animal lover, as his biggest inspiration, as it is because of her that he became a dog lover himself.

“Both of us are working hard to make sure that the strays we rescue have a comfortable life in our shelter located at Bukit Tiram here,” Loganathan was quoted saying.

To date, the Esa Animal Shelter run by the couple, has more than 500 strays, all of which receive regular medical attention from a private veterinary clinic and “plenty of food”.

“For those wanting to adopt dogs, in particular puppies from us, I will usually advise them to make sure that they are ready to take on such a responsibility as I hate to see the animals back on the streets,” he said.

The Johor Bahru City Council also helps Loganathan in his rescue work, by way of alerting him about stray dogs within its jurisdiction.

Loganathan said it is irresponsible pet owners who do not neuter their dogs who are to be blamed, as they usually dump the animals when it starts breeding.

To cope with the expenses to keep the shelter running, which amounts to about RM24,000 per month, Loganathan works part time as a security supervisor in Singapore. This includes the expenses to send the animals for medical check-ups.

The shelter welcomes public donations and those who wish to help can visit the Esa Animal Shelter Facebook page.