The highest paying jobs in Malaysia

Chief-Financial-OfficerKUALA LUMPUR: The highest paying jobs in Malaysia are that of surgeon and Chief Financial Officer. Both jobs offer a monthly salary of about RM70,000.

According to Salary Explorer, next in line is the position of Marketing Director which yields RM55,000 a month.

Listing the top highest paying jobs in Malaysia this year, Salary Explorer puts Clinical Research Associate, in the pharmaceutical and biomedical field, in fourth place. The pay is RM52,917 a month.

Next come the Real Estate Broker with RM50,000, and the insurance industry’s Risk Management Director with RM40,111.

The Strategy Director in a business organisation takes seventh place, earning RM30,000.

The Pilot, who earns RM29,375 a month is in eighth spot while the Legal Service Director takes ninth placing with RM29,083.

The Electric and Gas Operations Manager, in the oil and gas industry, takes home RM27,000 a month, which puts that job at number 10 on the list of highest paying jobs in the country.

All the top 10 jobs require higher educational qualifications and years of experience. They are also in fields that are low in automation processes, or competition.

iMoney noted that among the reasons these jobs offer such high salaries are that they involve long working hours, increased levels of responsibility or subordinates, higher travelling frequency and long back-breaking stand-by hours. The stress level is always high.

In a recent survey for the Hays Asia Salary Guide, it was found that 53% of Malaysians considered salary and benefits as the top priority when choosing a job.

In addition to that, iMoney reported, Malaysians also viewed the availability of new challenges and career progression as the next two important factors when considering a job.

Most Malaysians generally feel they are not paid enough. But this is not something only Malaysians think – almost every employee anywhere feels the same.

A survey by Salary Explorer revealed that Malaysians scored only 2.42 in salary satisfaction, just a little higher than the global average of 2.36.

JobStreet’s survey on Employee Job Satisfaction in Malaysia showed that in terms of salary, 61% of respondents felt that their salaries were low or not enough to survive on.