‘Umno Youth’s behaviour akin to 1960s Malay movie’


PETALING JAYA: Umno seems to still practise old politics, said a former New Straits Times senior editor, adding that many young people viewed the party as being stuck in a time capsule while the world around it had moved on.

Mustapha Kamil, who recently resigned citing disappointment with the paper’s handling of the 1MDB issue, was commenting on Kedah Umno Youth Chief Shaiful Hazizy Zainol Abidin’s challenge to Mukhriz Mahathir to form a new party to prove the former menteri besar’s influence in the state.

Mukhriz, the son of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, was sacked by Umno last week for breaching party discipline.

“This was how the people in the past would quarrel. He (Shaiful) was the one who said BN did not win in Kedah because of him (Mukhriz), and now he wants Mukhriz to prove this statement of his to be correct.

“Mukhriz is no longer an Umno member. He has been sacked. Whatever he wants to do now is none of Kedah Umno Youth’s business.

“Whether Mukhriz wants to form a new party or build a chicken coop, it’s up to him,” wrote Mustapha in a Facebook posting.

The veteran newsman then urged Shaiful to carry out his responsibilities to Kedah voters, adding that mere politicking would not improve the lives of people in the state.

He noted that Umno Youth, which should be spearheading the country’s drive towards a developed nation by 2020, was behaving like “Jalak Lenteng”, referring to the title of a 1960s Malay movie.

“Even if it is attained, the Malays can only watch others enjoying the developed nation status.”