Vintage bicycle stolen from Snake Temple sold online

The postman bicycle stolen

PETALING JAYA: The postman bicycle stolen from the Snake Temple in George Town, Penang on Sunday, has been found, The Star reported today.

It was found on a Facebook page promoting collectibles and vintage goods by one Ben Tan, who later bought it from the man who sold it and took it back to the temple.

Tan told the daily that he came across the 49-year-old bicycle on the page on Monday and saw that it resembled the one reported stolen from the temple.

“It is very rare to find this vintage postman bicycle, which is a hot item among collectors. The seller was asking for RM1,000 before I told him that it resembled the one stolen from outside the Snake Temple,” Tan was quoted saying.

The seller told Tan that the bicycle had changed hands three times in less than 48 hours and the former eventually agreed to settle for RM300 in exchange for the bicycle.

The temple’s resident committee chairman Sim Siang Chuan confirmed the bicycle handed to him by Tan was the one stolen and thanked Tan for his gesture, and said the latter did not even ask for money.

The bicycle went missing at about 7am on Sunday after the thief or thieves, cut the iron grilles that shackled the bicycle to the mural of a postman. The mural was one of two, created by the temple early this year, to attract tourists.