LGE case is poetic justice, says Khir Toyo

Khir Toyo

PETALING JAYA: Former Selangor menteri besar Mohamad Khir Toyo says it is “poetic justice” that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has also been charged with corruption over the purchase of a bungalow.

However, he urged Lim to stop comparing their two cases. They were not similar and the charge against Lim was more serious, he said.

When the allegations about the bungalow purchase first surfaced against Lim, he had made an indirect comparison to the Khir Toyo case: he pointed out that his bungalow in Jalan Pinhorn did not have a swimming pool. Photographs published in 2011 had shown the Khir bungalow to have a pool.

Mohd Khir was found guilty of corruption in 2011, and sentenced to 12 months’ for buying land and a bungalow in Shah Alam for RM3.5 million from a businessman who had paid RM6.5 million. The businessman had dealings with the Selangor menteri besar at the time.

Lim and his former landlady, businesswoman Phang Li Koon, face trial on charges relating to the bungalow deal and the rezoning of agricultural land in Balik Pulau for residential use.

Lim was charged with two counts of corruption. One charge under the MACC Act is for the rezoning of the Balik Pulau land for Phang’s company; the other charge under the Penal Code is for buying the Jalan Pinhorn bungalow from Phang for RM2.8 million, below the market value of RM4.7 million, while Phang’s company had dealings with Lim.

Phang was also charged over both the deals.

Mohamad Khir said Lim had been charged under Section 23 of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act, which he said “surely meant the offence was more serious”. (Mohd Khir’s bungalow purchase came under Section 165 of the Penal Code.)

“When I was incarcerated, DAP took it as a big win for them. Although now I do sympathise with Lim Guan Eng’s fate.

“I think the best thing to say to DAP is ‘padan muka’ (serves you right),” Mohamad Khir said in a statement today.

He attributed the remark to Parti Cinta Malaysia’s Huan Cheng Guan two days ago. However, Huan has denied making the ‘padan muka’ remark, saying someone was just ‘disturbing’ him with the fake statement, which had been picked up and reported by a news portal.