Fury after Muhyiddin no-show at forum


AMPANG: Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM), a Malay rights activist group, has demanded an apology from Umno rebel Muhyiddin Yassin for not appearing at a forum “Nothing to Hide 2.0” today.

JMM president Azwanddin Hamzah threatened to reveal details of a secret meeting held before Ramadan began at which the forum was discussed.

Azwanddin said he would reveal the involvement of several members of the Umno supreme council who organised the meeting with Muhyiddin and the member of Parliament who was the middleman.

He said Muhyiddin had agreed to attend the forum. “I told Muhyiddin to explain the allegations surrounding him and he agreed to attend. Then suddenly, his personal aide came out with a statement yesterday, pulling out from the forum at the last minute.”

He said Muhyiddin had denied the authenticity of a statutory declaration in which he was alleged to have had an affair with someone’s wife. He had dismissed it as slander, Azwanddin said.

Images of the sworn statement were published by blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin at Malaysia Today recently. It is purported to be the affidavit of a lawyer seeking a divorce from his wife, and implicates Muhyiddin.

“After his denial, I thought Muhyiddin would have the confidence to explain this matter to the people,” Azwanddin said.

When asked by reporters when the meeting was held, he simply answered “before Ramadan month”, adding: “Ask him (Muhyiddin) about the exact date, time and location.”

Muhyiddin’s press secretary Hafiz Abdul Halim told FMT that attempts to contact Azwanddin had been futile and there had been no response at all.

“All lies. When we first found out, he (Azwanddin) never even replied to our messages,” said Hafiz. “We called him, messaged him, he never answered at all.”

At the end of the forum today, JMM distributed photocopies of the statutory declaration which implicates Muhyiddin in an affair with a married woman and gives details of an alleged abuse of power while he was Johor Menteri Besar.

Muhyiddin’s special advisor Mohd Nardin Awang had issued a statement yesterday denying that Muhyiddin had been invited to the event. Mohd Nardin said irresponsible parties were trying to tarnish the former deputy prime minister’s good name.

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