2 shops, 5 cars destroyed in Andalas fire


PETALING JAYA: Eighteen people, including 10 children, were taken to hospital with breathing problems after a fire destroyed two shops below their low-cost flats in Taman Sri Andalas early today.

The Sundaily.com quoted Seri Andalas Assemblyman Dr Xavier Jeyakumar as saying the flames affected shoplots used as a plastics godown.

The residents on four floors were forced to evacuate their homes as a result.

Five cars parked in front of the shops were destroyed.

“The Fire and Rescue Department is still investigating the cause of the fire. Speaking to the residents, however some claimed that the fire could have started from children playing with firecrackers or someone throwing a cigarette butt near the shoplots,” Jeyakumar told the news portal.

He told residents not to believe rumours, spread on social media, that the fire was caused by a hand grenade tossed into the premises by terrorists.

Thirty personnel in four fire engines put out the fire which began at 11am.

Most of the residents were Sabahans and Indonesians employed mostly in the nearby factories.