Activist: State govt letting developers plan state


GEORGE TOWN: Prominent Penang heritage activist Khoo Salma Nasution has slammed the state government for letting developers plan the state, instead of leaving it to planners.

She said the reclamation of the three islands in Permatang Damar Laut should not be approved as it was not in the original Draft Structure Plan.

However, after the previous Penang Transport Council meeting, the state government amended the Draft Structure Plan right away and called for another meeting to amend it, she added.

“The state government acknowledged it, but because of the developers’ demand, it amended it right away. This shows one thing for sure, which is, our planning is not done by planners, it is being done by developers.

“Most of the houses that will be built on the three islands will be unaffordable to locals,” she told Bernama here today.