Don’t put on ‘show’ over kafir harbi remark, Tee says


PETALING JAYA: Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has hit out at a political leader for claiming he “cried” for Malaysia following a mufti’s labelling of non-Muslims as “kafir harbi” or infidels who could be slain by Muslims for being non-believers.

“Don’t put on a show,” the controversial preacher wrote in his column, published in Sinar Harian today, adding that the Pahang mufti never used the word “kill” in the first place.

While Tee did not name any particular politician in his column, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang was quoted by the media two weeks ago as saying he cried for Malaysia over the label and the fact that the term was used a day after a video emerged of a Malaysian Islamic State fighter urging supporters in the country to kill non-believers.

Lim was responding to a statement by Pahang Mufti Abdul Rahman Osman, who said it was a sin to work with the DAP, as they were considered kafir harbi, or infidels who were enemies of Islam. The mufti also said war could be waged against them.

In his column, Tee asked if the “ultra kiasu” did not realise that Muslims here “wept” over insults and actions levelled against the community, citing their opposition to the amendments to the Shariah law, and calls for Muslims to be given the freedom to leave Islam, among others.

The Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSza) lecturer also wondered if members of the non-Muslim community felt persecuted by the term.

“Not really, in fact, some of them can build empires, leaving the Muslim community behind. So what is the issue?”

He also said there was no need for the “ultra kiasu” to proclaim that they had helped build religious schools or Shariah courts, as such actions were meant to win over Malay voters.

He alleged that if the “ultra kiasu” were sincere, they would not have opposed amendments to Shariah laws.