I apologise, says Singaporean comedian over PM joke

Fakkah-FuzzPETALING JAYA: A Singaporean stand-up comic has apologised for the uproar in Malaysia over a joke he made as part of his act, and which had been uploaded on his Facebook page.

The video featuring the comedian, who goes by the stage name Fakkah Fuzz, making a comparison between the translation of the word “thief” in Singapore and Malaysia was widely-shared by social media users in Malaysia last week.

In the video clip which went viral, Fakkah said Singapore Malays call a thief “pencuri” while Malaysian Malays call a thief “perdana menteri” (prime minister).

“I would like to sincerely apologize if I unintentionally hurt my brothers and sisters across the causeway. It was not my intention to hurt or cause unhappiness among anyone. Nor was I accusing anyone of anything.

“It was simply a joke based on current events. The joke is basically ‘we say this, you say this’.

“I’m just saying what I hear. Not saying ‘This person is guilty of this!’ Not at all. Please don’t take what I said out of context as I’m not out to slander anyone,” Fakkah said in a statement and video message posted on his Facebook page last Saturday.

He also admitted that he took down both his videos but could not control the fact that it was already shared on many social media platforms in Malaysia.

“As much as many if you loved/liked/shared the video, there were a few that were very defensive towards my statements,” Fakkah said, adding “Everyone needs to open their minds, be a little less sensitive and learn to take a joke once in a while. I promise ur life will be much better if you do.”

He said that political satire is just what it is, jokes that should not be taken seriously, adding it is an age-old tradition that has been performed by great stand-up comedians like George Carlin and Chris Rock among others.

“They are just jokes people. So I hope u guys can find it in ur heart to chill a bit and just enjoy the next time I post something up. If you love it, great.

“Dont like it, just click away. No one is forcing you to watch anything. This is the internet,” he added.

In response to the apology by the comedian, Selangor Umno Youth chief Zainuri Zainal said it was too little too late, because Fakkah’s joke had a “deep impact” on Malaysians.

“Fakkah should look in the mirror first before trying to meddle in the current affairs of Malaysia,” Zainuri was quoted as saying by Berita Harian.

Supporting Zainuri’s call for Fakkah to be banned from entering Malaysia, Federal Territories Umno Youth chief Mohd Razlan Muhammad Rafii said: “We won’t be even the slightest disadvantaged by keeping people like him out of Malaysia.”

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