MCA: Use all laws against terrorists


PETALING JAYA: MCA today asked the government to use all available laws to control terrorism in the country, Star Online reported.

MCA Deputy Organising Secretary Chai Kim Sen said the authorities should not hesitate to use preventive laws, such as the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2015 and the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012, to stop such terrorists disturbing public peace.

He praised police for acting without fear or favour in solving the hand grenade attack on the Movida nightclub at the Boulevard in Puchong on June 28.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar today confirmed the attack was instigated by the Islamic State (IS). Eight people watching a Euro 2016 football match were injured in the 2.15am attack.

Police have detained 15 suspects, including two policemen, believed involved in the attack.

Soon after the attack, the IS had claimed responsibility, saying they were targeting vice activities during the Ramadan month.

Chai praised Khalid for admitting that the attack was the first recorded act of terror in Malaysia by IS.

Chai also urged all religious authorities to condemn such terrorist activities to send a clear message to those who sympathised with IS that they were following the wrong religious teachings.

In particular, he asked Pahang Mufti Abdul Rahman Osman, who has been in the news for his labelling of DAP and others opposing hudud as kafir harbi, to come out and openly condemn such brazen attacks.

“It is terrible enough that we have Abu Sayyaf encroaching into our sovereignty to kidnap and kill people.

“It is even more revolting that Malaysian IS members are living up to the group’s warning to strike at bars as they have deemed such outlets un-Islamic.

“No words can accurately describe the party’s disgust against the militants for the dastardly attack during the holy month of Ramadan,” Chai said.