Singapore comedian must be banned, says Umno Youth


PETALING JAYA: A stand-up comedian from Singapore could face a ban from entering Malaysia if Umno Youth have their way.

Zainuri Zainal, the party’s youth wing chief in Selangor, said the Singaporean, who performs under the stage name Fakkah Fuzz, deserves to be barred over an “insolent” remark in a stand-up routine that was widely shared over social media last week.

“Fakkah Fuzz had rudely made a comparison on the definition of a thief in Singapore and Malaysia. He had likened the definition of a thief in Malaysia to the Prime Minister which is very disheartening.

“This should not have happened, taking into the consideration that both countries enjoy good diplomatic relationships and have so long recognised our respective sovereignties,” Zainuri said in a statement yesterday.

Zainuri also called into question Fakkah’s ability to entertain audiences as a stand-up comedian, saying that the “the act of using a leader of a neighbouring country as a joke is not mature and does not respect the sovereignty of Malaysia.

“As citizens of Malaysia, Selangor Umno Youth is affected by this rude joke and we call on the ministry to bar Fakkah Fuzz from coming into Malaysia. Fakkah Fuzz should not meddle in the matters of Malaysia,” he said.

In the video clip in question, Fakkah had said Singapore Malays call a thief “‘pencuri” while Malaysian Malays call a thief “perdana menteri” (prime minister).