‘A Vellfire in exchange for contract’


KUALA LUMPUR: Former MIC Treasurer-General R Ramanan has accused one of MIC’s top officials of corruption, claiming that the latter had demanded favours from contractors in his position as a member of a government-linked company’s (GLC) board of directors.

Ramanan showed reporters copies of documents and transcripts allegedly pointing to how the top MIC official had in 2014 demanded from a contractor a special vehicle registration number worth RM41,000 in return for a contract.

According to Ramanan, the MIC official had also demanded a Toyota Vellfire worth about RM378,000 in return for the contract, as well as women for “sexual favours”.

However the top official did not receive the multi-purpose vehicle.

Some of the contractors, Ramanan claimed, had informed him of this after they learnt of the special registration number worth RM41,000.

“The contractors remained silent for so long because they were afraid,” Ramanan said, alleging that the contractors had been coerced to keep quiet.

“If he wants to sue me for these claims, he is welcome to try. We have full proof. Documents, transcripts, everything,” Ramanan said.

According to Ramanan, one of the contractors had told him that he was in danger of losing his 35-year-old business because the MIC official had allegedly, in some cases, not even made good on his promises.

Ramanan said he would be making a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and supplying them with the evidence next Monday.