Former IGP tells police to take IS threat seriously


PETALING JAYA: Former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan said today all government ministries should make the Islamic State threat a top priority.

He told FMT that Malaysians were generally peaceful but some of them could have taken the Palestinian issue to the extreme.

He said this could be the reason Malaysians had joined the IS and other terrorism groups overseas.

He was asked to comment on Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar confirming that the Movida nightclub bombing last week was the first successful IS attack on Malaysian soil.

Musa said the police should take the matter of IS threats and violence seriously and work closely with other government ministries.

He also called on all ministries to place the IS threat as a top priority, stressing that police alone could not trace, nab or reduce any terrorism activity in the country or among Malaysians overseas.

Musa, who was the IGP from 2006 to 2010, said the education ministry should go all out to create awareness in schools and higher education institutions of the threat posed by IS and other terrorist groups.

The immigration department also had to keep a close watch on the entry of suspicious characters, he said.

“These departments, and others, can liaise with the police to monitor suspicious activities among students or tourists.

“For this to be successful, the police have to take the issue seriously and start detailing the background of suspects and give the names to other departments so that they too can keep an eye on them,” he said.

The Movida blast, which left eight people injured, was carried out by locals who were directly instructed by IS member Muhamad Wanndy Mohamad Jedi from Syria.

IS has released video footages showing teens being trained to use the AK-47 assault rifle. Some of those in the videos released by IS are Malaysians.

Musa said the police had to take these video footages seriously as the security of the nation and the people depended on them.

“We should not challenge them (the IS) in any way. But instead, we should upgrade our efforts and take concerted and integrated action to nab them. That is the only way we can nab suspects.”