Malaysia Airlines Raya ad makes purr-fect sense to pet lovers


KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysia Airlines commercial posted on its Facebook page is creating a lot of buzz among pet lovers.

The Raya commercial titled ‘Adik’ (younger brother or sister), about a cat, has this message: ‘Family means different things to different people.’

Playing on the theme of Muslim families preparing to return home to their kampong or to get together, the Malaysia Airlines’ festival advertisement focuses on one little girl’s love for her pet cat.

According to a report in the Malaysian Digest, the commercial makes the audience think, initially, that ‘Adik’ refers to her little brother in the footage, which keeps everyone guessing as to why she keeps begging her parents ‘Can adik come with us?’.

But the ending reveals that Malaysia Airlines makes it possible to reunite the little girl with her adorable pet cat. In effect, the advertisement says that Malaysia Airlines brings families together, including animals which some people consider part of their family.

The commercial shows how important pets are to some people, especially children.

The report said that Facebook users were quick to dub it a must-watch for every cat lover. Some said it was the cutest Hari Raya Puasa commercial this year.
By yesterday, the video had amassed over 370,000 views and 13,000 shares while the hashtag #BolehAdikIkut has been trending, added the report.

The cat’s real name is Jellybean and it is owned by Johan, the owner of Johanandhiscats Studio.