Malaysian makes condom that promises total protection


KUALA LUMPUR: There’s a new condom in town, and it’s called Wondaleaf.

It is the invention of Malaysian gynaecologist Dr John Teo, who claims it is a revolutionary unisex condom that offers total protection.

He has applied for Wondaleaf to be categorised as a ‘Class A’ medical device product. Although not ready for commercialisation it is available locally.

According to a report in Malaysian Digest, Wondaleaf, priced at RM8 per pack, is ultra thin at 20 microns of thickness. Wondaleaf is one fourth the thickness of a regular condom, the report said.

“It is the world’s first regional barrier contraception which aims to completely prevent unintended pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as provide menstrual control, subject to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration – USA) and MDA (Medical Device Authority – Malaysia) approvals.”

Both men and women can use it and it is made from polyurethane, which is claimed to be stronger and thinner than latex.

“Basically, the film is inserted into the female’s vagina, and the extended adhesive shield covers the entire external genitalia. For men, it will also cover the entire men’s genitalia, including the scrotum and your pubic hair”, the report said.

This condom, the report added, could be used a second time.

One drawback of the condom, at the moment, is that removing it can be painful. Dr Teo, who is based in Sibu, Sarawak, advised users to put some cream on the pubic hair before placing on the condom.

“The cream used can be any cream, from lubricants to Johnson & Johnson’s baby cream”, he was quoted as saying by Malaysian Digest.

The report pointed out that sexual issues among youths, including unwanted pregnancies, were on the rise in Malaysia and that Durex’s “Face of Global Sex Report 2012” had revealed that only 54% of Malaysians used protection when having their first sexual intercourse.

The report also quoted a couple who had had sexual intercourse using Wondaleaf. Among other things, the woman partner said the condom was strong and durable and offered protection but that it had some negative issues.

‘It’s a hassle – we have to watch a video first, and I really wish they had instructions at the back of the package, so that we know how to use it,” she was quoted as saying by Malaysian Digest.

It was uncomfortable and did not come with any lube. She said they did not enjoy “the experience” of using the condom.