Police vow to hunt down threat-issuing Daesh militants


KUALA LUMPUR: In the wake of Daesh reportedly declaring war on Malaysia and Indonesia in released video clips, Malaysian police have vowed to hunt down those who issue threats over social media to deliberately frighten the people.

Bukit Aman Special Branch Director Mohamad Fuzi Harun said today police would not compromise in the case of anyone trying to spread the Daesh ideology in the country.

“We will monitor all aspects, including YouTube video clips, a medium often used by this group to intimidate the people,” he told Bernama.

Daesh had reportedly declared war on Malaysia and Indonesia in released video clips where Daesh militants had referred to the toppling of governments and leaders.

Mohamad Fuzi said the police would monitor every social media platform available in the country.

He said that though the Daesh video clips could be a drama to intimidate the people in the country, the police took the matter seriously.

“The video clips are only a threat, and they (Daesh militants) have never ceased intimidating Malaysians with threats of attacks and the like.

“They use the social media as a platform to threaten attacks against the country, and we must strengthen the laws to check these undesirable events,” he said.

Mohamad Fuzi said the primary objective of the Daesh militants was to carry out violent attacks to keep Malaysians in constant fear.

“This is the tactic employed by Daesh to frighten the people, but this cannot be allowed in Malaysia,” he said.