‘Politicians created extremism, IS-like mentality’


PETALING JAYA: Social activist Marina Mahathir has charged that the failure of political leaders in not taking action against Muslim ulama and Muslim groups found to insult others has caused extremism and the Islamic State mentality in Malaysia.

She said the country’s leaders should “take action when something not right is said”.

“On kafir harbi… there is no action taken. That is just one example.

“There were so many things said over the years.

“No one takes a gun and starts shooting. It is indoctrinated over the years.

“No one has done anything to stop this. Now the politicians are shocked such attacks are happening. They should blame themselves,” she told FMT.

The daughter of former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was commenting on the police confirmation yesterday that IS elements were responsible for a hand grenade explosion at a nightclub in Puchong, injuring eight people, on June 28.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar revealed that 15 people were arrested, including two policemen, for their involvement in terror activities. Two more are being sought.

A video footage allegedly released by the IS warned of violence against Malaysian police and non-believers. It urged members to carry out lone-wolf attacks by stabbing them or mowing them down with their cars.

“They (politicians) should connect the dots. They will get the answer,” Marina said.

“They should take the blame for not stopping it from the start.”

Asked if it was too late to make sure the young are not influenced to carry out attacks, she said: “It is in the hands of the politicians.

“If they remain quiet, then how are we going to fight this extremism?”

Earlier, she had tweeted: “I think people should realise that ‘not joining IS’ can’t be limited to not taking up arms.

“It also involves not thinking like IS.”