Hindraf: Charge against LGE shows GE14 around the corner


GEORGE TOWN: The quick action to put Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in the dock could mean the next general election is very near, a Hindraf leader prophesised.

Hindraf People’s Movement Leadership Senate Member N Ganesan said following Lim’s arraignment for graft, Barisan Nasional (BN) appeared to be extra confident of victory if it calls for a snap polls.

He said the victories in the recent two by-elections and the Sarawak state election had served as a confidence booster for BN.

Ganesan, however, warned that with a big BN win, there would be further erosion of the people’s fundamental rights — judging from the way Lim’s case was handled.

Ganesan felt the speed at which the government prosecutors had brought Lim to court was telling.

He said the marked difference in action was tangible. He said the authorities had refused to move on the prime minister over alleged improprieties, but were fast to act against Lim over alleged graft.

“There are two levels at which the judicial system operates in cases like this.

“The first is at the level of the attorney-general and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission top brass, who decide on who to investigate and prosecute for corruption.

“The second level is the courts, which decide on the truth of the corruption allegations.

“Compare the speed with which the system has operated at the first level,” he said in a statement.

“Why only investigate and prosecute Lim with this intensity and speed? Where is all that intensity and speed for investigation and prosecution in the case of the allegations against the prime minister?”

Ganesan said although the “speedy” prosecution came as no surprise, the ruling elite was using a tried and tested method.

“This is exactly what the elite of any country will seek to do.

“Use circumstances and power in this fashion to push their economic and political agenda skilfully but keeping well within the rules of the flawed democratic system.

“Hindraf may have had our differences with Lim and DAP, but we cannot accept something so serious as the whittling away of our basic rights and the protection afforded by these rights.”

Meanwhile, Ganesan said the country’s “skewed judiciary” was at the verge of breaking down, which would ultimately put marginalised folk at the losing end.

“When it breaks down thus with impunity, it is of serious concern to Hindraf People’s Movement, whose primary constituency are the weak, vulnerable and marginalised Indians.

“They need the absolute protection of this pillar of governance. It is supposed to guarantee them justice in this otherwise awfully skewed ethnocentric political system.

“What is really at stake at this stage is not whether Lim is innocent or guilty — the courts can take care of that.

“It is whether the judicial system in its entirety is giving us the protection it promises.”