Tighter security for KLIA trains, check-in at KL Sentral


PETALING JAYA: Security will be tightened at the Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal (KL CAT) and the KLIA Express service, in KL Sentral, which is the gateway to the KLIA from the heart of the nation’s capital.

Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said this was to ensure it abides with screening levels similar to that carried out at the KLIA in Sepang.

“We have given orders for KL Sentral to be considered an entry point to KLIA. Thus all bags and passengers will go through the same screening checks as KLIA,” Liow told reporters at the Prime Minister’s Open House in Putrajaya today .

Liow said that Malaysia’s security situation is now at “amber” levels, referring to the Islamic State (IS) terror network which is rumoured to be targeting major areas of interest, including infrastructure and transport hubs in Malaysia.

He admitted that there were weaknesses in the KLIA Express service and KL CAT in terms of security screening, as it was previously not considered a “checkpoint” for those entering KLIA, but said additional measures will now be implemented.

“We will install more CCTVs and screening machines for passengers going to KLIA,” Liow said, adding that it was  to “prevent anything that we missed in KL Sentral from entering the KLIA complex”.

He said security will also be tightened for all rail services in the country, with authorities having improved all security-related standard operating procedures.

Liow also praised the police for their success in detecting IS sympathisers before they became radicals who launched attacks.

“I am confident that the public does not have to panic. We are in a stable condition and we are always monitoring the IS in our country,” he said.

Malaysia recorded its first-ever IS-related attack in the early hours of June 28 when a hand grenade was thrown at the Movida Bar in the IOI Boulevard in Puchong. The explosion resulted in eight people being injured.

Fifteen suspected militants, including two low-ranking policemen, have since been arrested in connection with the blast.