Union: Bad road leading to Westport poses risks to workers


SHAH ALAM: The Union of Employees of Port Ancillary Services Suppliers (Unepass) has called on the Selangor Government and Public Works Department to immediately upgrade the road leading to Klang’s Westport which it claimed was in a deplorable condition.

Its secretary, A Balasubramaniam, said the 18km stretch leading to the multi-cargo port was in a poor condition and had seen frequent accidents, thus resulting in port workers having to travel with constant fear.

“Thousands of workers are using the road leading to Westport and other industries in the surrounding area for their daily work and, in the past one year, there has not been much improvement to the infrastructure.

“Road conditions are getting worse as there are no proper street lights, the centre white lines are starting to disappear, besides being marred by potholes.

“Poor road conditions such as this can pose a serious threat for workers, besides causing massive traffic build-up and accidents,” he told Bernama.

Balasubramaniam, who is also deputy secretary-general of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress, said poor road conditions had to be addressed as the port industry brings economic growth to the state.

He said the infrastructure leading in and out of Westport had to be developed in tandem with the development of Port Klang as the 12th largest container port in the world, and any poor road condition would bring ill repute to the port and the country.

“We have been receiving poor response from relevant authorities on our complaints on poor infrastructure development.

“The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) under the Human Resources Ministry should ensure roads leading to workplaces are safe for use by workers to prevent road accidents while commuting to or from work,” he said.