Women claim of harassment from some GrabCar drivers


PETALING JAYA: While female GrabCar drivers face harassment from male passengers, some of their male counterparts seem to be putting female passengers in a difficult spot, it appears.

Yesterday, FMT reported that the GrabCar ride-sharing service has safety concerns with regard to their female drivers.

Several drivers spoke to FMT on the harassment that they receive on a regular basis.

FMT also spoke to women who shared similar unpleasant experiences they have had as passengers in a GrabCar.

They sympathised with the female drivers and revealed that they face unwanted attention and harrassment from male GrabCar drivers.

“I know exactly what they go through. We (passengers) too sometimes go through the same thing with the male drivers.

“It’s probably less though because it is easier for a passenger to make a complain about the driver compared with the other way round… but it still happens,” Aubrey Ng, a GrabCar customer told FMT.

Ng is a university student who resides and studies around Petaling Jaya. She explained that she often uses GrabCar’s services as her residence is a popular and crowded area.

A friend of Ng’s – who only wanted to be known as Desiree – also explained that many male GrabCar drivers have tried to “subtly make a pass” at her.

“Some of them are really nice at first. They make it seem as if they’re creating casual conversation until the conversations become more personal.

“I wish they would just take me where I want to go. That’s all I’m paying them for,” Desiree said.

FMT reported yesterday that male passengers bombard female GrabCar drivers with questions that “cross the line” about their personal lives.

“They would ask me about my sex life, my husband, among other things.

“I’m married and I have no kids, but sometimes it’s a lot easier to just say that I have kids to avoid the conversation.

“Even when I tell them I’m happily married, they would say things like ‘Oh, maybe, you would get divorced one day’,” Wawa, a female GrabCar driver said.

Meanwhile, referring to the concerns and negative experiences by their female drivers, Grab Malaysia country manager Jaygan Fu said that Grab had introduced various counter measures because “safety is a top priority”.

“We have installed in-car cameras for selected female GrabCar drivers’ cars.

“Apart from that and a hot button on the driver’s app to call the nearest police station, we also have policies and standard operating procedures to assist them in case of harrassment, including assisting them with their medical check-up and insurance claims,” Fu told FMT.

For women customers complaining about harrassment, Fu said that a “share-my-ride” feature has been launched which enables loved ones of passengers to be able to live-track the journey of the passenger.

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