Kit Siang: Make A-G’s Report on 1MDB public


KUALA LUMPUR: As a first step, said DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang in a statement, the Auditor-General’s (A-G) Report on the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal submitted to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) should be made public without any further delay. “The Members of Parliament can then decide on the matter.”

Lim, who is also Gelang Patah MP and a DAP Parliamentary leader, added that the PAC can approve the Report or demand further hearings. “The PAC Report touched only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ on the 1MDB scandal.”

The Prime Minister and related agencies, pointed out Lim, cannot go too far by continuing to play the three traditional monkeys that see not, hear not, and speak not. “In a borderless world, information is freely available.”

“The information available points to the 1MDB scandal as a heinous crime. It’s global embezzlement, money-laundering and corruption.”

Lim was commenting on the two latest whistleblowing feats of Sarawak Report (SR) raising disturbing questions. “The Malaysian Parliament, for one, may be the first in the world to be denied opportunity and materials to decide whether its PAC had done a proper and competent job on the 1MDB scandal.”

Lim noted that SR on Friday revealed another key document in the PAC probe on 1MDB viz a letter from Bank Negara to PAC Chairman Hasan Arifin. “The letter confirmed that Penang billionaire Jho Low was the sole owner of Good Star Limited, which had received USD1.03 billion from 1MDB.”

On Thursday, SR published some of the contents of what it claimed was the A-G’s Report on the 1MDB scandal.

The Report was submitted to the PAC on March 4 and was the basis for its own report on 1MDB before Parliament on April 7. The A-G’s Report on 1MDB was not tabled in Parliament on the grounds that it was classified under the Official Secrets Act (OSA).

SR listed out the various concerns that Auditor-General Ambrin Buang had pointed out in his report, especially with regards to several questionable fund transfers.

The UK-based whistle-blowing website, run by Sarawak-born Clare Rewcastle-Brown, said it will publish more details from the A-G’s Report on 1MDB in the coming days.