Cashing in on Raya chicken at RM30 a head

Abdul Ghani Harun

KOTA BARU: Chicken is normally priced at around RM7 a kilo but some irresponsible poultry sellers in Kelantan have been found to be taking advantage of the Aidilfitri festive season to sell the birds by as much as RM30 per head.

Poultry chicken seldom weigh more than 3 kilos.

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry director for Kelantan, Abdul Ghani Harun said monitoring by his team at the Siti Khadijah Market here found there were traders who put up price tags stating RM8 a kilo but were peddling their stock at RM12 a kilo, with the price tags a ruse to fool the authorities.

“We have received numerous complaints about the hiking of the price of chicken since Thursday. As a result of our monitoring, we issued 17 notices to the sellers,” he told reporters at the market today.

He said those issued the notices had two weeks to explain themselves and risked being hauled to court.