End of visa-free entry for Mid-East visitors?

Alias Ahmad

TUMPAT: The National Security Council has proposed that foreign visa requirement for visitors from the Middle East be introduced by the Malaysian government to check the entry of Daesh (or Islamic State) militants into Malaysia.

NSC secretary Alias Ahmad said that at present citizens of 34 countries, mainly in the African continent, required visas before they could enter Malaysia.

Visas are not required for visitors from about 167 other countries.

“We’ll see whether we should impose visa requirement on countries involved in conflicts or countries that we have identified to be sources of Daesh militant activities.

“If they can enter freely it would be hard for us to track them when they are in this country,” he said.

He said this when met at the Aidilfitri Open House hosted by Tumpat Umno division’s acting head, Mohd Rosdi Ab Aziz, at Kampung Kubang Batang today.

Alias said the NSC would direct Bank Negara and the Companies Commission of Malaysia to monitor financial transactions between Malaysian companies and international companies to curb the channelling of funds to the militant group.

He said the NSC was also monitoring social media communications in and outside the country and constantly working with intelligence agencies abroad on Daesh.

“With intelligence cooperation in and outside the country we hope to curb and restrict the channeling and flow of information involving Daesh through social media.

“I believe in regard to the Daesh organisation within Malaysia, it can be contained by our security forces particularly the Royal Malaysian Police and Malaysian Armed Forces,” he said.