Security firms rush to meet demand for bodyguards


PETALING JAYA: More skilled guards are reportedly being trained by security companies competing to meet surging demand for personal protection services.

Mustapa Ali, president of the Security Services Association of Malaysia, was quoted by The Star, as saying that the number of former police and special forces personnel was insufficient to cater to the demand for armed bodyguards.

He said civilians would be taken in for training after the Hari Raya holidays to complete the Certified Security Guard programme.

“We have had several meetings with the police and Home Ministry to discuss the training of civilians as armed bodyguards,” he was quoted as saying.

Demand was said to have increased after a recent spate of killings.

A security company director, Niho Khoo, said his firm was “hard pressed” to meet the demand for armed bodyguards, as well as a new demand for bodyguards who double up as personal aides.

“There are clients who want not just a security member but someone who can take up other corporate duties such as managing the boss’s itinerary, flight plans, accommodation and to even sit in and take notes during meetings,” she said according to the report.

Some companies even sent personal assistants of executives for security training.

News of violent crimes have recently made headlines, including an attack on a nightclub by the Islamic State, in which eight people were wounded, and several shootings carried out by hired guns.

In the most recent case a real estate agent was murdered in Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur, after being shot at close range in her car. Her eight year-old daughter was injured, and has undergone surgery.