Tougher screening of Malaysians at Indonesian airports


JAKARTA: Malaysian and Singaporeans entering Indonesia by air will face stricter screening in future to prevent drug smuggling.

Drug smuggling into Indonesia mostly involved people of the two nationalities, according to the boss of PT Angkasa Pura II, the company handling airports in Indonesia.

The company’s managing directory, Budi Karya Sumadi, in a statement carried by local media, said the new measures were to ensure that prohibited items, especially drugs, were not brought in.

“In our discussions with the Transport Ministry, the issue of illegal items being brought in by people from the two neighbours, especially drugs, was raised. The ministry agreed that more random checks be done on Malaysians and Singaporeans coming into Indonesia.” he said.

He said the company was awaiting official notification from the ministry to implement the added measure and that it included having enforcement personnel in civilian clothes who could call up suspicious visitors for full checks.

Prior to this, Indonesian Transport Minister Ignasius Jonan in a statement had asked airport authorities to increase random checks on visitors to curb smuggling of drugs into the republic.