Gobind Singh to lead Sanjeevan’s defence team


KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition lawmaker-lawyer Gobind Singh Deo will now lead the defence team for anti-crime watchdog MyWatch Chairman R Sri Sanjeevan.

Speaking to FMT, Gobind said Sanjeevan himself had requested for his services in challenging the latter’s arrest under the Prevention of Crime Act (Poca).

“Instructions were given to me to challenge this detention by Sanjeevan when I met him in court on Saturday morning.

“Those instructions were confirmed again today through S Preakas, who represented him this morning. He will assist me in the case.”

According to the Puchong lawmaker, there are various options available to Sanjeevan at this point, including an application for a writ of habeas corpus to challenge his 21 days’ of detention.

“We are looking into that for now although we will not rule out the possibility of a civil suit perhaps at a later stage.

“In the application, we will look at various angles, which include among others, challenging the validity of the detention under Poca and aspects of what in law is known as mala fide (undertaken in bad faith) and abuse of process.

“I will not go into that for now as the application has yet to be filed and out of deference to the court.”

Gobind added that he hoped to file an application to this effect by Wednesday.

Sanjeevan was re-arrested yesterday, for the seventh time, since he was first picked up on June 23 for allegedly extorting RM25,000 in “protection” money from an illegal four-digit business operator.

He faces at least 14 charges, including forgery, cheating, defamation and money laundering.