Perak police propose AES cameras near Menora Tunnel

Wan Jamil Wan Chik

IPOH: Perak police are proposing that the Automatic Enforcement System (AES) cameras and “speed bumps” be installed at Km265.8 of the North-South Expressway (PLUS), near Menora Tunnel, to reduce the number of accidents along the stretch.

Perak Traffic Police Investigation and Enforcement Department Head Supt Wan Jamil Wan Chik said these were some of the ways to educate the public, especially bus drivers, to keep to the speed limits.

“In this area, if you drive fast, it can cause accidents, so with the AES, hopefully the public will drive within the permitted speed limit,” he told Bernama when contacted, here, today.

Wan Jamil also said that 1,783 accidents were reported in Perak during “Op Selamat 9/2016” carried out from June 29 until July 13.

He said of this total, there were 36 fatal accidents with 37 deaths.

He also noted that during this period, a total of 15,457 summonses were issued and 13,301 for speeding.

Other offences were for queue-jumping (1,234), beating the red light (737), using handphones while driving (135) and crossing over double lines (50).

Wan Jamil said throughout Op Selamat, 61 Perak police officers and 457 staff were involved, with another 12 officers and 24 traffic personnel from Bukit Aman.

He added that from Jan 1 until yesterday, 213,854 summonses were issued in Perak for various traffic offences.