‘Kafir harbi’ not relevant to Malaysia, says MCA

Kafir-harbiPETALING JAYA: There is no place under the Malaysian legal system for concepts like “kafir harbi” and “kafir dhimmi”, MCA’s Ti Lian Ker said.

Such terms only serve to divide Malaysia’s multi-religious and multi-cultural communities, the party’s religious harmony bureau chairman said in a statement today.

Ti also pointed out that as it stands even religious scholars are also in disagreement over the concept and the terms, and these differences in opinion can lead to confusion.

“When in doubt, it is best we leave it out.”

He was commenting on a report which quoted Zamihan Mat Zin, a former religious official, who defended the use of the term on the grounds it was based on the text of the Quran.

Ti said that the report also noted that many Islamic scholars were of the opinion that the terms “kafir harbi” and “kafir dhimmi” are no longer relevant in today’s socio-political framework.

Ti’s statement was also seen to be referring to Pahang Mufti Abdul Rahman Osman who last month had used the term “kafir harbi” on the DAP and others who were against PAS’ private member’s bill to elevate the status of the Shariah courts.

Ti, who is a former Pahang state assemblyman, went on to state that Malaysia has its own culture and legal system of which all government servants and politicians holding public offices have sworn to uphold the legal system and the Constitution.

“There’s no necessity to introduce words or concepts “alien” to our legal system to create further divide or in derogation of fellow citizens.”

These concepts if discussed publicly, Ti warned, may confuse and influence nubile minds leading to more prejudices and even aggression along such misconceived lines.

“The recent developments and high profile discussions surrounding the ‘kafir harbi’ term stymies nation building and defeats our efforts to cement unity and harmony in diversity,” he said.