Khalid: Mufti’s backers carry orientalist taint

Khalid-Samad,-Pahang-MuftiPETALING JAYA: Those who agree with the Pahang Mufti Abdul Rahman Osman’s view of non-Muslims are influenced by orientalist thought, according to Amanah Communications Director Khalid Samad.

“It’s sad to see that there are Muslims now promoting the agenda of orientalism,” Khalid said in his latest blog posting.

He was commenting on the mufti’s statement about “kafir harbi” and the support he has received from some quarters.

“The orientalists vilify Islam by branding it as a religion spread by the sword,” he said. “According to them, the goal of the Muslims is domination of the world. Therefore, non-Muslims must be fought until they all cower down. It’s as if that is what Islam wants.

“This is the kind of thinking that is used to justify the establishment of groups like IS.

“Such a belief produces a culture of chauvinism and fascism and a face of Islam that is ugly and shameful. It is not much different from the Zionist ideology or that of Nazi Germany.

“Unfortunately, to the fascist and chauvinistic soul, this ugly and shameful face is seen as strong and charismatic.”

Khalid praised those Muslims who have rejected Abdul Rahman’s view, saying they have clearly understood that Islam was sent as a mercy to mankind.

“To this group, Islam was sent down in order that justice would be established and Muslims are those who serve mankind by showing the way to goodness and justice.

“The message of Islam must be given through wisdom and not by force and threats.”

He said the challenge to contemporary Muslims, in their effort to spread the message of Islam, is to choose between the easy road provided by chauvinism and fascism and the hard road of those who see Islam as a mercy to the world.

“Amanah has chosen the hard road because that is the road that the Prophet took and it has brought benefit to mankind through such a long time. It is the road that emphasises good behaviour among the faithful.”