Khalid: PAS the root of Opposition problems since 2008


PETALING JAYA: Amanah’s Khalid Samad said that even if he kept quiet so as to maintain the “peace” in the Opposition bloc, troubles will still persist as PAS is at the root of the problems.

The party’s communications director claimed that it was PAS which had first betrayed the former Pakatan Rakyat coalition by secretly working with Umno in Perak and Selangor after the 12th General Election.

“This group wanted to work with Umno because it found it easier to implement its Islamic agenda supported by Umno, and they are still at it,” Khalid said, referring to several hardcore PAS members who even tried to form the state government in Perak and Selangor with Umno after the 2008 polls.

This, the Shah Alam MP said, weakened the Opposition way before Amanah was formed last year.

“Amanah and I are not the problem. Even if I shut up, the problem will remain because I am not the one who caused the Opposition bloc to be in disarray,” he told FMT.

He was responding to PAS Deputy President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man who said the Opposition bloc will be more peaceful if Amanah is disbanded or if Khalid shuts up.

Khalid went on to suggest that PAS should take a “look at itself” and realise that the Islamist party always blamed others for problems that plague the Opposition.

“How can there be a unified Opposition if PAS continues to cause conflict within the Opposition,” he said, alluding to PAS’ refusal to work with the Opposition coalition.

The war of words between Khalid and Tuan Ibrahim was sparked off by the former’s suggestion that the PAS number two quit the party and join one of the Pakatan Harapan components following calls for a ceasefire among Opposition parties.

Khalid had on Sunday said that since a majority of the PAS leaders disagreed with the call, it was a sign that there was a difference in mindset between Tuan Ibrahim and his party.

However, Tuan Ibrahim refuted the claim, stating he was happy being with PAS and had no problems working with PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang and the rest of the party leaders.