PAS wrong, hudud will affect non-Muslims, says MCA


PETALING JAYA: Actions by PAS in Kelantan contradict its stand that non-Muslims would not be affected by any implementation of hudud laws in the state, The Star Online reported today.

MCA criticised the Islamist party today over a summons issued to a non-Muslim business operator at a shopping mall in Kota Baru for “displaying sexy pictures”.

“PAS has proven the fallacy of its often repeated claim that the Kelantan hudud enactments held no bearing on non-Muslims.

“On July 25, a summons was issued to a watch retailer operating on the ground floor of a shopping mall in Kota Baru for violating the Kota Baru City Council’s conditions (on sexy pictures),” Kelantan MCA secretary Lua Choon Hann said in a statement today.

The summons also exposes PAS and its fallacy on the jurisdiction of shariah laws on non-Muslims, Lua said, according to the news portal.

“This clearly demonstrates that the PAS-led state government’s enforcement does target and deem non-Muslims as law-breakers,” The Star quoted him as saying.

Lua, who is also Kelantan MCA Economic Consultative Committee chairman, warned that the proposed amendments to the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 355, tabled by PAS President Hadi Awang, would result in the removal of protections and safeguards accorded to non-Muslims under the Federal Constitution.

“There is nothing stopping any other federal legislator from proposing legislation that hudud criminal codes and penalties be enforced on non-Muslims, as is the case in Aceh, Indonesia,” he said in his statement.

He explained how the hudud law in the northern region of Sumatra has allowed for the public whipping of non-Muslims for various offences, including the sale and consumption of alcohol and gambling.