Monkeys make off with ‘confidential’ military documents


PETALING JAYA: A troop of monkeys up to no good, “stole” three confidential military documents after waylaying an unsuspecting postman at the Terendak Camp in Malacca.

According to a report in The Star, the incident happened two days ago when the 33-year-old postman was on his routine rounds in the camp.

The group of long-tailed macaques overpowered the postman, snatched three “confidential” documents he was carrying and took off with their loot to the trees and a building roof within seconds, said the report.

It is unclear why a postman was tasked to deliver confidential military documents.

This is not the first time monkeys had turned mischievous in Malacca, said the report. More than a year ago, a troop of macaques broke into a soldier’s car parked at the Terendak Camp hospital and stole all his belongings, including his scuba diving gear, driving licence, ATM cards and cash.

The report also quoted Malacca’s National Park and Wildlife (Perhilitan) director Noorzakiahanum Mohd Noh as saying there were even cases of monkeys attacking people at the army camp, school and the mosque inside the grounds of the camp.

According to her, rangers have placed traps at the camp to stop the “mischievous” animals in their tracks.