Aussies clarify position on missing Flight MH370


KUALA LUMPUR: The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has clarified in an email that it has never stated that missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was under the control (final moments) of an individual.

“Mr Peter Foley (ATSB Program Director) has certainly never identified any specific individual as being responsible for the disappearance of the aircraft,” wrote Daniel J. T. O’Malley, the ATSB’s Communications Officer for The Operational Search for MH370.

He was commenting on a website article quoted by FMT on Thursday.

The article (FMT) also has Foley disclosing that severe erosion along the trailing edge of two wing parts, which have since washed ashore, indicate a controlled landing, noted O’Malley.

This is not a correct description of Foley’s or the ATSB’s position, he added.

“The examination of those pieces is still underway,” said O’Malley. “Until the release of formal investigation reports, we are not providing comment.”

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