Namewee: Unedited “Oh My God” video uploaded by hacker


GEORGE TOWN: Namewee says his controversial “Oh My God” video, for which he is facing arrest, is an “unedited” version uploaded by a hacker.

Donning a pair of green wasp-eye sunglasses and his trademark muffler cap, Namewee, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, gives his version of the story in a seven-minute clip titled ‘Pengganas’ (Terrorist) uploaded on his Youtube account yesterday. It includes subtitles in both English and Malay.

Reiterating that he has no intention of insulting or making fun of any race or religion, Namewee says he and his team were given permission by the person in charge of the Tanjung Bungah Mosque in Penang, where parts of the clip was shot, to shoot there.

The police, however, say the chairperson of the mosque lodged a report on July 27, alleging the dancers in the video were “behaving indecently” in the mosque.

According to Namewee, the video was done with a Taiwanese band called Nine One One.

“The song doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to a movie company in Taiwan. I’m just a songwriter.

“We’re in the midst of negotiations with the company to remove some of the sensitive scenes in the video.

“Unfortunately, the video was ‘stolen’ by a hacker before its official release date and uploaded on various Youtube and Facebook channels.

“It’s everywhere right now. It was never uploaded through any of Namewee’s channel. So, it’s unfair to say that I’m guilty,” he says.

He points out that besides the mosque, filming was also done at Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist temples, as well as a Catholic church, and none of the places required written approvals. Instead, permission to shoot were given by persons in charge there.

Namewee adds that he and the team observed all the rules, and did not make any noise while they were shooting inside places of worship.

As of July 30, more than 10 police reports have been lodged against the controversial filmmaker and Penang police have said they are waiting for him to return from overseas to make an arrest.

“I will cooperate with the Penang police department for further investigations,” Namewee says.

“Also, I hope people will show some respect to this song which conveys the message of harmonious one world, one love,” he says, adding that the “official” and final version of the music video will be released soon via his official Youtube channel.

The four performers in the video are seen donning attire of four different religions and are depicted holidaying in Penang “to spread the message of peace among different religions”.

On the “gun” seen carried by one of the characters in the video, who is dressed like an Arab (believed to represent the Muslims), Namewee says the gun was a toy purchased on the street, and was included for “comedy purposes”.

He asserts that he always tried to defend his Muslim countrymen in the face of negative impressions by people in Taiwan where he had done his university studies.

“I tell them that Islam is a peaceful religion, a quiet religion. Islam taught people to be good. Especially Muslims in Malaysia are totally not as what is described by the media,” he says.